In part one of this two-part video series, InfoSec Insider experts Ed Moyle and Raef Meeuwisse discussed some of the basics tied to cybersecurity for up-and-coming security professionals.

The modern-day infosec warrior faces a multitude of responsibilities and challenges in the business, so it’s important to start off on the right foot. A critical aspect of that is understanding how secure the company is. Knowing that will give you a better sense on what you need to get started on first.

In the companion video below, Ed and Raef walk you through an essential exercise that can help you understand the organisation, like detailing the products and services it provides.

“One of the challenges [for security practitioners] is that they try to do too much, too early,” Meeuwisse says.

In this walkthrough, he shares one useful exercise that can aid security practitioners in getting a lay of the land in their organisation, serving as the perfect first step in ultimately measuring and reducing information security risks.

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