Although a favorite topic at conferences across industries, many organizations are still grappling with how to deploy a successful DevOps initiative best. The methodology that combines software development with information technology operations is being leveraged by businesses to speed up the development process and make it less prone to error.

Still, many organizations are still operating in silos, which make it very challenging to both implement and keep track of an initiative like DevOps, especially when it requires so much cross-functional cooperation. If deployed successfully, compliance can also reap some significant rewards from DevOps, especially when it comes to introducing automation into the mix, which, according to Guy Herbert, risk futurist at Atlassian, is a must.

“DevOps doesn’t work without automation, and from an audit perspective that’s fantastic because automation gives you the opportunity to build controls into the process, and they’re done the same time, every time,” Herbert told Internal Audit Insights.

IT audit is only beginning to familiarize itself with DevOps as more organizations begin to deploy successful programs. But is it fair to say that DevOps and compliance go hand in hand? In the full video interview with Atlassian Risk Futurist Guy Herbert, he gives his take on the topic.

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