The role of the IT auditor is rapidly evolving, but you don’t need us to tell you that. As an auditor it’s easy to look around the business and see the immense impact that technology has had on the modern-day organization, providing tremendous upside to streamline work and generate more revenue.

But companies have also grown to be more complex, and risks are beginning to crop up in lines of business that weren’t present before. Simply put, as the business evolves, so does the role of the IT auditor.

“People that are in this profession are intelligence, are capable of learning, and have patience with [themselves],” Constance Snelling, Director of IT Risk at Jackson National Life told Internal Audit Insights during a recent video interview. “Don’t think that you know more than the business does, because you don’t,” Snelling advised when asked what skills are needed to be a successful IT auditor today and how that ties into performing an integrated audit. “But also don’t minimize your own understanding and your own skills. Everybody has skills that they bring to the table, and that’s a huge part of this process.”

From their skillsets to their approach to tackling challenges, we wanted to hear a little bit more about the role of today’s IT auditor and what’s needed to succeed, so we caught up with Snelling to get her take on what essential skills are needed, but more importantly, how these tie into performing a successful integrated audit.

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